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CANNON SOCKET Studio slang for XLR type 3 pin sockets as found on microphone cables...Originally Cannon/ITT made these sockets.

CANS Studio slang for Headphones

CARDOID MICROPHONE A mic' that picks up sound in the shape of a Heart.... Where the mic' would be sitting in the V of a stylised drawing of a heart...(like on a valentine's card).... facing toward the point...The mic' picks up mostly from the front.... the more round to the sides you go, the less it receives, until if the mic' is facing away from you, it will not pick up sound....

CENT Unit of pitch equal to 1/100 of a semitone.

CENTER DETENT A notch in the centre of a control wheel or control knob, which allows the performer to find the home position.

CHORUS a voice doubling effect created by layering two identical sounds with a slight delay (20-50 mS) and slightly modulating the frequency of one or both of the sounds.

CLOCK a steady pulse from a generator, which is used for synchronizing sequencers, drum machines, etc. Common sequencer timing clock rates are 24, 48, or 96 pulses-per-quarter note. MIDI timing clocks run at a rate of 24 ppqn. The EIII clock runs at 96 ppqn.

CLIPBOARD a temporary holding place in RAM for what you last cut or copied.

CLOSE MIKING a microphone placement technique, which involves placing a microphone close to the sound source in order to pick up mainly direct sound, and avoid picking up reverberant sound.... Noise gates are usually employed to further re-inforce this effect.

CONDENSER MIC a microphone, which converts sound pressure, level variations into variations in capacitance and then into electrical voltage...Condenser mics need some form of powering, usually by Phantom Power, or from a battery.

CPU Abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. The main component in a computer's microprocessor, which performs calculations and executes instructions.

CROSSFADE To gradually fade out one sound or track, while fading in another so that a seamless transition is made between the two sounds.


CUTTOFF FREQUENCY The frequency above which a low pass filter will start attenuating signals present at its input. Abbreviated Fc.