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EDIT To change or modify information. To change parameters or alter existing data.

ENVELOPE GENERATOR A circuit, usually triggered by pressing a key on a keyboard that generates a changing voltage with respect to time. This voltage typically controls a VCF or VCA. An AHDSR and ADSR are two types of Envelope Generators. See ADSR.

EQUAL TEMPERAMENT A Scaling system where the octave is divided into 12 equal parts. The ratio of the frequencies between any two adjacent notes is exactly the same. Most keyboard instruments are scaled in this manner.

ALAISING Aliasing is the term used to describe the unwanted frequencies, which are produced when a sound is sampled at a rate, which is less than twice the frequency of the highest frequency component in the sound. These unwanted frequencies are typically high frequency noises similar to a metallic ringing sound.

EQUALISER  A device, which allows attenuation or emphasis of selected frequencies in the audio spectrum. Equalizers usually contain many bands to allow the user a fine degree of frequency control over the sound.