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FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM A computer algorithm, which derives the fourier spectrum from a sound file.

FC See Cuttoff Frequency

FIGURE OF EIGHT PATTERN MICROPHONE Like 2 Cardioids stuck end to end...will pick up sound from either side, north and south.... but rejects sound from east & west direction.... Ideal switching shape for two vocalists singing a duet whilst facing each other.

FILTER a device used to remove unwanted frequencies from an audio signal thus altering its harmonic structure. Low Pass filters are the most common type of filter found on music synthesizers. They only allow frequencies below the cutoff frequency to pass (Low Pass). High Pass filters only allow the high frequencies to pass, and Band Pass filters only allow frequencies in a selected band to pass through. A Notch filter rejects frequencies that fall within its notch.... On a synth, the basic high pass filter control can be set to a certain frequency. It will filter out frequencies above it's setting.... This effects how sharp or trebley the sound is. Some synths call this the CUT-OFF, because it determines at what frequency band the filter cuts off or reduces the frequencies above the set range.

FLANGE an effect created by layering two identical sounds with a slight delay (1- 20 mS) and slightly modulating the delay of one or both of the sounds. The term comes from the early days of tape recording when grabbing the flanges of the tape reels to change the tape speed...Probably the earliest featured use of the Flange Effect on a commercial track is on the single “Itchycoo Park” created delay effects by The Small Faces.

FOURIER SPECTRUM The description of a sound that is in terms of its distribution of energy versus frequency rather than its amplitude versus time (waveform).

FREQUENCY MODULATION the encoding of a carrier wave by variation of its frequency in accordance with an input signal.

FSK FREQUENCY MODULATION An audio tone (frequency) modulated by a square wave, which is used both for data transfer and also for sequencer and drum machine synchronization.

FULL DUPLEX a device with the ability to record & playback simultaneously.

FUNDAMENTAL the first, lowest note of a harmonic series. The Fundamental frequency determines a sound's overall pitch.