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GAIN Amplitude above a given level...often refers to an input amplifier volume control. The factor by which a device increases the amplitude of a signal. Negative gain will result in the attenuation of a signal.

GENERAL MIDI or GM Standardisation for midi data, arrived at, yet still not standard enough and being regularly up-dated............Basically GM says that a certain sound such as drums will be on a certain channel, and that Controller data for things like the Pitch Wheel, and the Sustain Pedal etc will be all standardised.........Basic parameters are defined by GM. but not enough as yet.... Outside of the basic controllers and the assignments of sounds to channels, all the manufacturers kit uses different Control Numbers for adjusting their particular synths' sound... Which is a pain in the arse...,Anyway it is going to be further standardised in the future, so they say.

GLISSANDO a rapid slide through a series of consecutive tones in a scale like passage. When two notes are played with glissando on, every note in between the two notes will be played in a sequential order. Similar to portamento except that the pitch changes in semitone steps.

GROUND or EARTH LOOP hum caused by currents circulating through the ground side of a piece of equipment or system. This is due to grounding it at points of different voltage pote