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LAYERING  the ability to place or stack two or more sounds on the same area of the keyboard to create a denser sound, or interesting layered sounds.

LEAD GUITARIST The guitarist in the band with the biggest ego... :-)

LOW FREQUENCY OSCILLATOR LFO an oscillator built into a synth, which does not actually generate a sound wave, but produces a very low slow moving wave whose range is below the audible range (20 Hz). This Low Frequency Wave is used to modulate or wobble the actual sound generating wave or sound source.... Example: Varying the pitch with the LFO produces vibrato.

LOOPING Looping is the process of repeating a portion of a sample over and over in order to create a sustaining sound. The looped sound will continue as long as the key is depressed. A sound is usually looped during a point in its evolution where the harmonics and amplitude are relatively static in order to avoid pops and glitches in the sound.

LOW NOTE PRIORITY When more than one note is played on a monophonic synthesizer, only the lowest note will sound.

LOW PASS FILTER a filter whose frequency response remains flat up to a certain frequency, then rolls off (attenuates signals appearing at its input) above this point.