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RAM Acronym for Random Access Memory. The memory area in a computer that stores data temporarily while you are working on it. Data stored in RAM is lost forever when power is interrupted to the machine if it has not been saved to another medium, such as floppy or hard disk.

RS 422 A high-speed serial communication port, which allows data to be transferred to and from an external computer at a very high rate (500K baud).

REALTIME CONTROL occurring in actual time or live.

RESONANCE coming from the word resonate: A frequency at which a material object will vibrate. The resonance control on a synth almost acts like feedback...The further you push it, the more it will accentuate the cut-off frequency...See Q.

RITARDANDO Retarding. A direction to slow down gradually.

ROM Read Only Memory.........Rom chips are used in synths etc to hold the raw base soundwaves from which the synth can create sounds by editing the raw waves path and signal...ROM cards are often used by manufacturers to distribute new sounds for synths. They cannot be written over.