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SAMPLE RATE when digitally sampling a signal, the rate at which level measurements of the signal are taken.

SAMPLING the process of recording a sound into digital memory.

SCSI Stands for: Small Computer Systems Interface...An industry standard interface that provides high-speed access to peripheral devices such as hard disk drives, optical discs, WORM drives, etc.

SCSI PORT the port on the back of the unit to which SCSI devices are connected.

SEQUENCER A device, which steps through a series of events. A digital sequencer may record keyboard data, program changes, or realtime modulation data to be played back later much like a tape recorder or player piano. Digital sequencers use memory on the basis of events (key on, key off, etc.) while a tape recorder uses memory (tape) on the basis of time.

SERIAL INTERFACE a computer interface in which data is passed over a single line, one bit at a time. The MIDI interface is an example of a serial interface.

SIBILANCE Sibilance, is the trebley high end distortion that results when a singer pronounces "SSSS" sounds...again can be slightly improved with the old tights & wire coathanger, but not as much as the Pop's.... (See "Pop")

SIGNAL PROCESSOR a device for modifying an existing sound through the use of electronic circuitry.

SMPTE Pronounced Sim-tee...stands for: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.... who adopted a standard time code based on.hours / minutes / seconds / frames, in order to synchronize video and audio. There are two types of SMPTE time code, Longitudinal Time Code, which can be recorded on audio tape, and Vertical Interval Time Code, which is recorded on video tape. (Frames, is the number of pictures on film or video required to make 1 second of moving image.)

SOFTWARE The programs or sets of instructions describing the tasks to be performed by a computer.

SONG POINTER MIDI information, which allows equipment to remain in sync even if the master device has been fast forwarded. MIDI Song Pointer (sometimes called MIDI Song Position Pointer) is an internal register (in the sequencer or autolocator), which holds the number of MIDI beats since the start of the song..

S/PDIF Stands for: SONY PHILIPS DIGITAL INTERFACE.... The two companies jointly developed a standard for the transfer of digital data from one device to another....

SPL Sound Pressure Level..........The volume or loudness of a sound pressure wave measured in Db....a road drill gives off about 90 - 100db if you're standing next to it...At 90 db, the ear starts to sustain irrepairable damage after about 20 - 30 seconds!!

SPP or SONG POSITION POINTERS a part of midi code that gives time position data.... Not all earlier midi kit can read SPP.

REAL TIME a sequencer mode where events are entered one at a time, rather than playing and recording data as in a performance...(Which is "Real Time".

SUBTRACTIVE SYNTHESIS The process of constructing a sound by starting with a complex sound and then removing harmonics with a filter. A low pass filter is most commonly used. The cutoff frequency of the filter is usually dynamically varied, which changes the harmonics that are removed.

SWEEP EQ An equalisation circuit, where 2 controls are utilised...One selects a band of frequencies, and the other control cuts or boosts the chosen band.