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VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier. A circuit whose gain is determined by a control voltage...The VCA takes the tone generated by the VCO and amplifies it.

VCF Voltage Controlled Filter. A filter whose cutoff frequency or resonant frequency is determined by a control voltage

VCO Voltage Control Oscillator...An analogue circuit that generates an electrical wave, such as a Sine, Sawtooth or Square wave...VCO's were the raw sound tone generators on early analogue synths.

VELOCITY SENSITIVE A keyboard, which can respond to the speed at which a key is depressed...This corresponds to the dynamics with which the player plays the keyboard. Velocity is an important function as it helps translate the performer's expression to the music. Velocity can be routed to many destinations other than volume on some keyboards, and is also translated over MIDI.

VIBRATO A cyclic change in pitch, usually in the range of 7 to 14 Hz.

VOLATILE MEMORY Memory, which loses its data when power is removed. The RAM memory in the Emulator II is volatile, the data on the hard disk is non-volatile.

VLTAGE PEDAL A pedal, which outputs a control voltage, which is dependent on its position.